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Hope at Last Foundation Uganda
256 Uganda
Kontaktperson: Enock Steven Kagga
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Hope at Last Foundation Uganda
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Beschreibung der Partnerschaft:

Beginn: Sept 2008
Gruppengröße: 30 people
Vernetzt mit: Kasten Holdings Limited Uganda
Hope at Last Foundation (HALF)Uganda has not yet found a partnership with any of your alliances but seek to partner with any that is ready to help us secure our children's future.
So far we have children in the age range of 1-14 years who have no one helping them i.e. Orphans and abandoned children.
We are currently supported by our founder company executive of Kasten Holdings Limited a company that does water and construction works in Uganda.
Your network has no yet reached our country but we hope through us we shall be honored to be part of you.
Thanks so much!
We at Hope At Last Foundation (HALF) Uganda seek your help and support so that we can help secure our little one's future which looks like it was shuttered by calamity and unexpected situations.
Our communication is just as simple as calling on you to come to our rescue by including is to your circles.